International Relocation & Consent

When parents separate and one parent asks for permission to move to a different country with the children various issues and difficulties arise. The other parent may be prepared to consent to the move, but it is often conditional upon various factors. One of the usual conditions for consent to move to another country is […]

International Relocation of children – the importance of mirror orders

One of the most emotionally fraught situations for separated parents arises if one parent wants to move abroad with the children, perhaps due to a divorce, to pursue a career opportunity, new relationship or to return to a country of birth or upbringing. It is necessary for the parent wishing to move away from the […]

Brexit – what does this mean for international divorces?

No-one knows for certain what will happen in international divorce cases when the UK leaves the EU – Theresa May has suggested in the last few days that all EU laws will be incorporated into UK domestic legislation but this is unlikely to benefit UK citizens in international divorce cases unless there are reciprocal rights, […]

International Surrogacy

The highly sensitive and topical issue of international surrogacy has become headline news again following the stark warning of a top High Court Judge. At a recent meeting of international family lawyers in London, Dame Lucy Theis warned that the failure of parents to apply for the appropriate court orders in relation to children born […]

International Surrogacy

The previous posts on the issue of international surrogacy have highlighted the complexities of this subject and the potential pitfalls of which prospective parents need to be aware before entering into a commercial surrogacy agreement overseas. In an attempt to provide guidance and assistance to British Nationals, the foreign and commonwealth office […]