Brexit – An International Divorce?

The triggering of article 50 by the UK (whereby Britain will leave the EU) is going to lead to chaos in international divorce cases. At the moment, there is automatic recognition of divorce and custody orders, certainty in terms of jurisdiction and EU wide enforcement of maintenance orders. In the absence of new conventions / […]

Brexit – what does this mean for international divorces?

No-one knows for certain what will happen in international divorce cases when the UK leaves the EU – Theresa May has suggested in the last few days that all EU laws will be incorporated into UK domestic legislation but this is unlikely to benefit UK citizens in international divorce cases unless there are reciprocal rights, […]

Divorcing in the EU

In order to support the free movement of citizens within the EU, it is necessary for laws to be enacted by the EU to give certainty of outcome and to allow decisions of one EU Court to be recognised and enforced in another. One such law is Brussells II bis which governs jurisdiction for divorce […]

Sharia Law and Divorce

Sharia law is often misunderstood and, in this country, is seen as a threat to English law. The majority of Muslim marriages conducted in England and Wales are not recognised by English law.  This means that when a couple separate they do not have the same rights and/or financial claims as those whose marriages are […]

International Access Rights?

Resolving access rights where one parent moves with children to another country can be extremely expensive and stressful.  The left behind parent (usually the father) often agrees to the children moving on the basis that he has certain access rights (also known as contact).  For a period, the parent who moves may stick to the agreement […]