Brexit – An International Divorce?

The triggering of article 50 by the UK (whereby Britain will leave the EU) is going to lead to chaos in international divorce cases. At the moment, there is automatic recognition of divorce and custody orders, certainty in terms of jurisdiction and EU wide enforcement of maintenance orders. In the absence of new conventions / […]

Expat Divorce and English pensions

The English Court will not automatically enforce orders made by foreign courts on divorce in relation to English pensions. It is, therefore, important to take advice from an international family law expert before a final order is made in a foreign jurisdiction. Ordinarily, the English Court can only make an order in respect of English […]

Expat Divorce and UK pensions

If a UK national moves abroad and subsequently divorces there, it is important that assets in the UK are not overlooked, particularly UK public service or final salary pensions which can be extremely valuable. Some foreign courts will not take into account UK pensions, but others will declare that a divorcing spouse is entitled to […]

Another bite of the cherry

Another recent High Court decision indicated the willingness of the English Court to make substantial financial orders following a foreign divorce. In the case of Z v A, a wife who had issued divorce proceedings herself elsewhere first and who had assets of her own of £7 million received an additional £3 million from the […]

Foreign marriages and foreign divorces

When a couple separate, there is often a great deal of confusion about the relevance or otherwise of a marriage which took place abroad.  A typical question would be: “If I got married in Mauritius, can I get divorced in England or do I have to get divorced in Mauritius?” Questions are also asked about the […]