Property rights and international divorce

The recent Anglo-French case of Y v Y highlights the importance of seeking legal advice before moving countries – particularly from a country where a marriage contract is determinative. The English Court continues to grapple with the extent to which such marriage contracts should be binding on it. Whilst it seems clear that the Court […]

Divorcing in the EU

In order to support the free movement of citizens within the EU, it is necessary for laws to be enacted by the EU to give certainty of outcome and to allow decisions of one EU Court to be recognised and enforced in another. One such law is Brussells II bis which governs jurisdiction for divorce […]

Sharia Law and Divorce

Sharia law is often misunderstood and, in this country, is seen as a threat to English law. The majority of Muslim marriages conducted in England and Wales are not recognised by English law.  This means that when a couple separate they do not have the same rights and/or financial claims as those whose marriages are […]

Prenups and International Divorce

Recent press articles have reported an increase in Parisians moving to London to avoid new tax legislation and levies on their wealth in France.  This is leading to a housing boom in places such as South Kensington and Belgravia.  However French nationals moving to London to protect their wealth from tax may be putting their […]

Foreign marriages and foreign divorces

When a couple separate, there is often a great deal of confusion about the relevance or otherwise of a marriage which took place abroad.  A typical question would be: “If I got married in Mauritius, can I get divorced in England or do I have to get divorced in Mauritius?” Questions are also asked about the […]