Family Law & Brexit: Any progress?

The UK Parliament continues to debate the EU Withdrawal Bill, which will introduce EU law (including all relevant family law provisions) into domestic legislation at the moment the country leaves in 2019. Although details remain vague at this stage about how this will happen, the Government has indicated that it wishes to maintain a “deep […]

Divorce in Italy now possible in 6 months

Italy’s House of Representatives has given final approval to its “fast-track divorce law”, cutting the time it takes to get divorced in the country from three years to just six months in an uncontested case (or to one year if the divorce is defended). The change in the law, amending Article 3 of the Divorce […]

International Protection from Harassment

On 11 January 2015 a new European Regulation came into force with the aim of providing automatic recognition of measures to protect against violence and harassment (“Protection Measures”) across EU Member States. All EU Member States have adopted the legislation, save for Denmark. A protection measure is described as a measure ordered with a view […]

International Pet Disputes

The ownership of a family pet can be one of the most important considerations for separating couples. Reports suggest that family law practitioners are increasingly being asked to advise on issues relating to who will keep the family pet, in the same way that they would be asked to give advice relating to arrangements for […]